Visual representation of detailed location analysis.

Prospex GIS mapping software

Clear business insight through data mapping and visualisation

Prospex, our desktop Geographic Information System (GIS), offers powerful tools to let you visualise data in a geographical context and gain easy-to-understand insight to help guide your business decisions.

Based upon a proven design that has been continuously developed for more than 20 years, Prospex offers a stable, cost-effective platform to allow for geographical data analysis. Our clients put it to use for many purposes; here are just a selection of its core functions:

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Map creation

To get the best out of your geographical data you have to be able to see it in context. Prospex offers a range of visualisation tools that present your data in an accessible way including:

  • Choropleth or heat maps
  • Point maps by postcode or coordinates
  • Area maps based on Royal Mail postcode or administrative area
  • Drive time and drive distance radius maps

The maps that you create in Prospex can be shared digitally, or turned into large print maps to allow you to present your data to visitors, audiences, or senior management.

An example point-set map

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Location analysis

Prospex can give your retail or distribution business the edge you need to ensure that you remain competitive and profitable. Whether you are:

  • Selecting a location for a new store or franchise
  • Defining delivery territories
  • Reviewing your existing network of stores or agents
  • Assessing the marketplace before a corporate acquisition

Prospex gives you the tools you need to make geography work for you.

Representation of identifying the profile of residents within an area.

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Territory management and route scheduling

Prospex can utilise geographic and demographic data to make sales territory mapping, route planning, and territory management for your team simple and effective. Defining territories can be as simple as dividing an area into equally sized catchments or you can create bespoke territories based on:

  • Travel distance or drive time from starting location
  • Value of existing clients in an area or frequency of purchase
  • Density or total number of an ideal demographic profile

Prospex then allows you to plot efficient sales or delivery routes and effectively manage the network as your strategy evolves.

A sales territory map based on drive time.

Demographic icon

Geodemographic profiling

A good GIS can help you to add depth to your geographical data by applying geodemographic profiling or customer data. Giving you meaningful insight about the people in an area.

Prospex was developed alongside our own P2 People & Places demographic profiling data, meaning that geodemographic profiling is an integral part of its location intelligence toolset, not an afterthought.

Building a picture of customers from demographic and location data.

Integrate with other software and share insight across your organisation

Prospex has been developed alongside our P2 People & Places geodemographic profiling and TimeTravel travel-distance and time data. As such, it has been designed with integration of other data in mind. These datasets add additional depth or insight to your analysis. It can accommodate most major demographic datasets, from census and other public data, to proprietary profiling data from most well-known providers. It can also open commonly used GIS files from existing systems and exports results as complete projects so that other users can instantly pick up a project and develop or use it.

Ongoing support

Prospex comes with unlimited telephone and remote support during business hours, and on-site annual training days at no added cost. So you can choose between remote support to get your experienced team started, or dedicated on-site training to up-skill your team as GIS users with Prospex expertise.

More than just software

A small, agile company, Beacon Dodsworth offers bespoke support for any company looking to do something new or innovative. With 25 years of experience, we can offer you the guidance to use our software to the best effect, pick up your GIS workload if you are short staffed, or lack in-house expertise, or conduct bespoke projects using new or unusual data with our in-house tools.

The ability to export complete projects from Prospex and share them amongst other users, gives us the tactical flexibility to act as an integral part of your own team. We can undertake the more difficult aspects of a project and then pass it back to your own organisation to fine tune or create bespoke outputs for analysis or presentation to senior management.

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