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With a long history and over 8 million members RAC is one of the UK’s most popular motoring organisations. They are committed to making motoring life easier and more affordable for their members.

For several years RAC have successfully utilised TimeTravel; our comprehensive drive time data matrix, to enhance customer service and manage their approved garage network.

The Challenge

RAC contacted us as they required a reliable and accurate means of identifying the nearest approved garages in their network. The information needed to be readily available for RAC to provide in member communications such as emails, letters and welcome packs.

The Solution

With access to sector to sector look up data, team members can quickly find the nearest garage to any UK postcode and member location.

TimeTravel is a comprehensive data matrix built using road network and postcode data. It is extremely detailed as we have developed speed models for each link in the road network based on road type, urban density and road speed.

We regularly update TimeTravel with new postcode and road network data to ensure accuracy is maintained. Learn more about TimeTravel drive time data.

The Benefits

  • Quick access to accurate garage network location data
  • Personalised communications and welcome packs tailored to locations

RAC have said this about our service and TimeTravel data:

TimeTravel from Beacon Dodsworth is used for selected marketing campaigns where we require reliable drive time data. With the data we can interpret which approved garage to include in the communications. We’re always happy with the service from Beacon Dodsworth.

Ian Ruffle Senior CRM Capability Manager

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