TimeTravel drive time data is much more than just a simple distance calculator.

TimeTravel drive time data  recognises the characteristics of different types of roads across the UK. It provides users with accurate journey planning, routing and scheduling capability and includes the following details:

map displaying a 4 day client visit schedule

  • Road types. A-Road. B-Road. Motorway
  • Road speeds
  • Road location i.e. rural, urban etc
  • Vehicle type
  • Peak or off-peak travel times
  • Geographical features such as bridges and ferry crossings

Developed over 20 years TimeTravel drive time data includes a vast amount of information and expertise. It is updated every year with postcode changes, new road data and improvements that have been identified by our developers and clients.


TimeTravel is a versatile dataset that delivers a wide range of solutions.

Standard TimeTravel displays data using Collins Bartholomew Road Data. This flat table of data can be used in your website or database to offer a fast, simple and cost-effective solution that meets most users journey planning requirements.

TimeTravel Plus uses a more detailed road network such as Meridian or Open Roads. This extra level of detail provides the accuracy required for full postcode to postcode calculations and delivers a better understanding of the road networks, travel times and travel distances across the UK. TimeTravel Plus also enables users to plan and understand travel from multiple points to any UK location. 

Our Consultancy Service  is ideal if you require a bespoke solution using the most precise and accurate road network data such as ITN or HERE (NAVTEQ), or the integration of third party data.

Combining drive time data with a GIS such as Prospex GIS will also provide advanced viewing options and a range of planning and analysis tools.

Whatever your requirements we have the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life. Plus, the training and ongoing support we offer will ensure you get the most out of your drive time solution.

More than 10,000,000 journeys, routes and schedules were planned using TimeTravel drive time data in 2015.


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