Analyse your sales to create and map more efficient territories,
balancing sales areas and maximising your market potential...

Do you ever ask yourself?

  • What are the best areas for my force to target?
  • Are our territories balanced enough for field force operation?
  • Where should I locate a new representative for fair earning potential?

We can help...

Our flagship GIS mapping software, Prospex, allows you to define and visualise real catchment areas such as sales territories, store reach and franchise areas. It can also show public service/safety areas (e.g. for fire brigade or police areas). 

Sales figures, head counts, number of stores and customer demographics can be mapped out and visualised within your chosen geography. This helps you to identify trends and better understand the markets you operate in.Create efficient sales territories with Prospex

This analysis can be used to divide up a chosen area (or the whole country) into naturally balanced catchments. Use these territories with Prospex’s route planning functionality to set priorities for visits determined from the importance of each visit, the number of visits, the drive times between locations etc.

Prospex allows you to easily redefine territories if new factors evolve, such as a new rep joining the team. You can export and print your work from Prospex at many scales to distribute the new sales territories with ease. No more headaches over messy, hand drawn maps on the wall.

With an optimised and balanced sales territory with fair earning potential, staff are happier and more productive.

Map out your future success today

To find out more on how Prospex can help your business please contact us on 01904 701020 or complete our online enquiry form detailing your requirements.

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