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PostView Points Simple:

PostView Points Simple gives the grid reference and longitude and latitude coordinates for every available UK postcode to the nearest 1m.

Postcode YO1 0AJ
East 460000
North 451800
Quality 3
Longitude 1.08706736564636
Latitude 53.95881652832030

PostView Points Complex:

PostView Points Complex gives more detail that PostView Points Simple, providing you with settlement, locality and county data.
Longitude and latitude coordinates can also be supplied with this data. This level of detail allows you to conduct postcode to town searches or find the postcode area a known place name is within.

Postcode YO23 1AU
East 460239
North 451043
Quality 3
Postcode Area YO
Settlement York
Locality Bishophill
County York
Longitude 1.08357453346252
Latitude 53.9519844055176

PostView Points Advanced:

When you want to integrate administrative boundary data with PostView, we offer PostView Points Advanced which allows you to easily identify an administrative boundary a known postcode / placename falls within.

Postcode Area YO
Settlement York
Locality Bishopthorpe
County York
Output Area 00FFNH0011
Lower Super Output Area E01013340
Ward Bishopthorpe
Local Authority York
Local Education Authority York
Parliamentary Constituency York Outer
European Electoral Region Yorkshire and the Humber
Primary Care Trust North Yorkshire
Strategic Health Authority Yorkshire and the Humber
Government Office Region Yorkshire and the Humber
Fire North Yorkshire
Police North Yorkshire
Ambulance Yorkshire
ISBA Yorkshire

PostView Places:

When you simply wish to identify the postcode sector a known place name is in (for use in a GIS or website for example), we offer PostView Places.

Sector YO23 1
East 459596
North 450040
Name Nunthorpe
County York
Longitude 1.09196923830308
Latitude 53.9428364931899
Postcode Area 

PostView Places Advanced:

For a placename to postcode lookup table, we offer PostView Places Advanced.

Postcode N 10 3SW
East 529229
North 189541
Place Name Muswell Hill
County Greater London
Latitude 51.58991
Longitude -0.13596

PostView Streets:

For nearest street to postcode lookups use PostView Streets.

ID 20782
East 538454
North 181470
Street Name Abbott Road
DOT name B125
Settlement London
Locality East India and Lansbury
Postcode E 14 0LN
Sector E 14 0

Postview Centroids:

When you want to label a geographic sector by centre and / or postcode density we offer PostView Centroids.

TileID 6766
Sector E 1 0
East 535593
North 181226
Name LONDON, Shadwell
Latitude 51.5137
Longitude -0.04735

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