Location based lookups to streets, sectors and places

  • Locational data beyond a simple Postcode co-ordinate

  • Identify postal and administrative data linked to a named location

PostView Places gives you a record for each place name showing: postcode sector name, grid reference and county.

PostView Places Advanced provides the same detail, but provides a more accurate full postcode name.

  • Identify the nearest street to a postcode or settlement

PostView Streets matches a street name to return a record detailing: full postcode, postcode sector, settlement, locality and co-ordinate.

  • Locate postcode sectors

The PostView Centroids product supplies you two options, either a geographically centred co-ordinate, ideal for neat labelling, or a postcode weighted co-ordinate reflecting more densely populated areas.

All of these products can be supplied in various formats eg. .CSV, Excel or Access Database.

If you want to know more about any of the extended PostView products:

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View samples of all PostView products here.

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