Assess local health need using our flagship GIS Prospex with our cost effective demographics P² People & Places

Health need assessment with our Prospex GIS and our cost effective demographics P² People and Places

This will help to

  • Plan social marketing campaigns.
  • Visualise the health needs of the local population.
  • Have a overview of health inequalities.
  • Identify health trends.
  • Plan service provision.

Health needs mapped out in Prospex GIS mapping software

Generate visualised patient flows, referral patterns and areas with incidences of high disease by importing your data into Prospex.

Use Prospex in conjunction with our cost-effective profiling system, P² People & Places, to drive robust need assessments and establish an understanding of current and future local health requirements.

Plan service provision

In addition to highlighting problem areas on maps to identify where different health needs are greatest Prospex performs drive time analysis from your existing services, so you can see if you are reaching the right people and identify any gaps in your service provision.

You can also track efforts over time and see where you are having an impact with time lapsed data following any activity.

Display points of interest, such as health centres and Clinical Commissioning Group boundaries to provide a clear understanding of your services and the demand for facilities.

Quickly and easily export the maps and spreadsheets out to use in presentations and reports.

Want to learn more?

To request more information on how Prospex can aid in health needs assessment please contact us on 01904 701020 or complete our online enquiry form and one of the team will be in touch.

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