Visualise your media campaigns and the results with Prospex mapping software, the one-stop-shop media planning tool...

Visualise your media campaigns and the results 

  • How can I present media schedules to clients?
  • Can I produce easy-to-interpret maps?
  • How can I compare customer data with lifestyle data?
  • Is there a system with all media catchments and data integrated with other media software?

plan media campaignsWhen it comes to media planning and satisfying clients in the media world, you need to get your message across quickly and attractively. When it is just words and numbers a media schedule can be dry and lifeless. Mapping your media schedules brings them to life at a glance, making the planner's job easier and keeping the clients on board.

One-stop-shop media planning tool

Prospex is the ideal GIS mapping tool for media planners. It can be integrated with other media software to act as a one-stop-shop for an agency providing solutions in: 

  • Research media
  • Planning media
  • Regional media
  • Below the line media
  • Poster / outdoor media

Direct your advertising to true customers

It is imperative that advertisers direct their promotions to prospects who can reach their services. Simulating a drive time around an outlet / store within Prospex GIS is a simple step-by-step procedure offering an area of focus for your client presentations.

Use the Drive Time functionality to create a catchment area surrounding the outlet for a given maximum time, for example a 30-minute drive. Colour code all the sectors reached in ten, 20 and 30 minutes to map the ‘advertising' area around the outlet / store, banded by drive time minutes. Use this map to target direct mail and advertising to properties within the 30-minute catchment to ensure advertising spend is not wasted on people out of reach.

Evaluate service potential and deliver effective promotional strategies by linking information such as postal geography, retail locations, transportation networks and media catchments.

Recommended GIS mapping

Industry bodies such as The Newspaper Society, POSTAR and the Radio Advertising Bureau are all committed clients. Our GIS mapping software is used daily by many media clients including Associated Newspapers, Carlton Screen Advertising and Walker Media.

Plan media campaigns more effectively by visualising store and customer territories alongside media catchments

You can export your Prospex drive time catchment directly into other most software to run a readership report on that area. View the catchment with a regional press title, or find a radio TSA from the RAB website and overlay it on the map for instant assessment on how different markets interact, for example how a newspaper circulation area fits within an outlet's drive time catchment, or a radio catchment alongside a sales territory.

Comprehensive media coverage

Show that your area is fully covered by the media and establish wastage on customers outside that area. Map the locations of customers, outlets, competitors and poster sites.

You have total control to select the layers of information you want to show and how you want them to be displayed, including the density of place names, the road network and the symbols, text, colour and shading to use.

Visualise media schedules

Display your media schedule as a hot / cold map, using colour shading, labelling and charts in any combination to illustrate how different media interact across markets. Design the layout yourself adding titles, keys and scale bars.

Produce professional paper maps to show advertising opportunities at a glance or insert your map into a PowerPoint presentation. Back up your map with detailed reports from your spreadsheet to enable you to cover the figures as well as the visual aspect of your media planning.

Classify your clients' customers and find more to advertise to

The Profiler in Prospex allows you to classify your clients' customers into categories within a people classification, such as P² People & Places, Acorn, PRIZM, CAMEO and MOSAIC. Import your clients' customer postcodes into Prospex to identify the similarities in their customers' characteristics and lifestyles. Use this information to tailor your media planning towards their requirements.

Take this one step further and find out
where people with similar classifications
to their customers live in a given area so
you can plan your media campaign
around a wider customer network.

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