Plan sales territories, organise logistics, create media campaigns and schedule field teams with Prospex, our GIS mapping software.

Geographical and demographic business data analysis increases efficiency, improves productivity and helps target new customers

  • Plan sales territories


  • Organise logistics


  • Create effective media campaigns


  • Schedule visits and routes


  • Analyse customer profiles


  • Locate new branches and franchises

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Prospex our flagship GIS mapping and analysis software is a feature rich desktop application. analyse your business data with geographical and demographic data then visualise the results with maps, spreadsheets, charts and reports.

Prospex is installed by your account manager. We provide 2 days' initial training for your users free of charge and you get unlimited telephone support during office hours.

To see how Prospex helps you:

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Prospex in retail

How Prospex is used in retail

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Prospex for routing and managing territories

How Prospex is used for routing

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Prospex in distribution

How Prospex is used in distribution

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Prospex in marketing and media

How Prospex is used in marketing

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Prospex in health

How Prospex is used in health

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Prospex is a capable, fully featured GIS mapping system providing mapping and analysis of business data combined with geographic and demographic datasets.

Find our how you can use Prospex to improve your efficiency:

Call Beacon Dodsworth on 01904 701020 or complete the contact form.

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