Increase your customer base and sell more ad space with Prospex, the map presentation and data comparison tool...

Increase distribution and readership of newspapers, magazines and leaflets

  • How can I boost circulation and attract more ad sales?
  • How can I plan rounds more effectively?
  • How can I cut costs on distribution?

Being able to increase distribution and therefore increase readership is a priority for every regional and national press house. To save money it is also crucial to plan the most efficient rounds for deliveries and canvassing.

Prospex works throughout the regional press to:

  • Increase distribution
  • Plan deliveries and canvassing rounds
  • Promote titles to advertisers

Map delivery addresses. distinguishing between customers, bad debtors and premises yet to be assignedIncrease distribution

Get more subscribers for direct delivery of your newspaper or publication by targeting appropriate offers to the different types of people who live within your circulation area.

Divide your potential readers into lifestyle groups, such as mature families in semi detached houses or pensioners in council accommodation so that you can approach them with the right offer. Canvass specific households which have gardens with a gardening voucher in return for subscribing to your paper, but offer a pensioner in a flat a free two week trial.

Plan newspaper rounds effectively

Newspaper rounds where delivery addresses are widely dispersed waste the deliverer’s time and ultimately your wage bill. Making rounds as compact and equal as possible saves you money.

Import your reader addresses directly into our GIS mapping software, Prospex, choose the ideal number of delivery points per round and let it run. Within minutes Prospex calculates similar household visits within compact rounds. Manually tweak your rounds where specific addresses need to be grouped together or amendments made.

Export these rounds straight into Excel or other admin software for an easy-to-follow list. Use this with maps that look just like the A-Z, but also display each individual numbered household as well as clear street names within that round, reducing room for errors.

Reduce distribution costs

Delivering your newspapers as soon as possible to your newsagents ensures maximum sales. Having the most efficient delivery route from the press to all newsagents is therefore crucial to your profit.

Input your newsagent addresses simply into our mapping software to find the quickest route between all newsagents. Export the route into Excel or other admin software for a clear list of delivery addresses and the sequence order. It takes into account road speeds, one way and no entry restrictions so the most efficient route is taken. This ensures you get the headlines out at the earliest opportunity, saving you time and money.

Highlight your strengths and secure new business

Show how your newspapers are more relevant to an advertiser than your competitors to secure new advertising revenue.

Advertising departments use Prospex as a
map presentation and data comparison tool.
Easily simulate an advertiser’s core area
by producing a drive time catchment.
Overlay your newspaper circulation onto
a map to quickly demonstrate the
extent of your media coverage.

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