Royal Mail Postcode co-ordinates, dots on a map

  • Accurate co-ordinate data to map Postcodes

  • Available in East & North or Longitude & Latitude

The PostView Points Simple product provides co-ordinate data for for every UK postcode.

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Available in formats including CSV, Excel or Access database, the data can be imported into a number of tools giving you a quick and simple geocoding solution.

To find out if PostView Points Simple is right for you:

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  • For more than just the location of the postcode you will need

PostView Points Complex adds settlement and county fields to postcode co-ordinates. This means you can identify the nearest settlement to a specific postcode or even all the postcodes within a target county.

PostView Points Advanced is customisable to your requirements.

Locate your audience in any administrative boundary. This can range from which postcodes are within a parliamentary constituency to which health area is responsible for patients.

  • See which version of PostView fulfils your requirements

Data Example Simple Complex Advanced
Postcode YO23 1AU Y Y Y
East /North 460239 / 451043 Y Y Y
Longitude / Latitude 1.08357 / 53.95198 Y Y Y
Settlement York - Y Y
Locality Bishopthorpe - Y Y
County York - Y Y
Output Area 00FFHNH0011 - - O
Lower Super Output Area E01013340 - - O
Ward Bishopthorpe - - O
Local Authority York - - O
Local Education Authority York - - O
Parliamentary Constituency York Outer - - O
European Electoral Region Yorkshire and the Humber - - O
Primary Care Trust North Yorkshire - - O
Strategic Health Authority Yorkshire and the Humber - - O
Government Office Region Yorkshire and the Humber - - O
Fire North Yorkshire - - O
Police North Yorkshire - - O
Ambulance Yorkshire - - O
ISBA Yorkshire - - O
Y data available, O data optional, - data not available

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