Understand driving habits and improve the service you offer your
customers with Prospex's driving time capability...

Simulate driving time with Prospex GIS mapping software to answer the following:

  • Who lives within 30 minutes of our store?
  • How long will customers drive for to reach us?
  • How does driving time and distance affect your store’s reach?
  • How does your store’s proximity to customers affect loyalty?

Accurate drive times

As well as accurately simulated driving times and distances within our mapping software, Prospex, we have  TimeTravel data suitable for incorporating in Web Services .Both TimeTravel  and Prospex use up-to-date detailed road network data, which differentiates between driving speeds for built us areas and dual carriageways for example, Prospex takes into account:

  • Nineteen different traffic speed settingsUse Prospex mapping software to simulate drive times
  • The type of area you are driving in
  • The time of day
  • Congestion zones
  • The type of vehicle driven

Driving time data allows you to:

  • Target your advertising and direct mail by creating a core store catchment
  • Find the best route from A to B
  • Provide a store locator and answer ‘where’s my nearest’ queries

Use driving times to create a catchment area of the postcode sectors reached from your store in a given maximum time. Colour code all the sectors reached in 10, 20 and 30 minutes to map an advertising area around your store.

The resulting map will then help you to target direct mail and advertising to properties within the catchments to ensure marketing spend is not wasted on people out of reach.

Start planning your success

To find out more on how Prospex can help you to plan more effectively please contact us on 01904 701020 or complete our enquiry form detailing your requirements and one of the team will get back to you.

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