Ensure competitive and fair insurance premiums using our distance calculator and other datasets...

Accurately pinpoint properties and offer fair and competitive insurance premiums

Using our distance calculator integrated with other datasets such as proximity to fire stations and neighbourhood crime rates you can offer premiums for locations previously deemed too 'high risk'.

Do you need to calculate insurance claims based on risk?


From peril identification to fraud investigation, our data ensures that your risk scoring model is accurate and up-to-date, taking into account geographical dispersion, road speeds and drive restriction information such as one-way streets and restricted access locations.*

Hassle-free integrated risk management and modelling

Fuse our distance calculator and relevant datasets with your website so your customers can quickly and effortlessly calculate insurance premiums without you having to do anything.

Which version of TimeTravel is most suitable for you?

Two versions of our distance calculator are available to suit the level of detail required for your application - TimeTravel and TimeTravel Plus.

The standard version of TimeTravel is built at postcode district and postcode sector level providing the time and distance it takes drive from one district or sector to another.

» Find out more about the standard version of TimeTravel

When there is a greater density of locations and more accuracy is needed TimeTravel Plus offers the solution. It is built at full postcode level, providing the time and distance it takes to drive between a selected list of postcodes (e.g. hotels) and other UK postcodes.

» Find out more about TimeTravel Plus

Find out more about TimeTravel

To find out more or to buy TimeTravel, call us on 01904 701020 or complete our enquiry form detailing your requirements.

*Note DRI and detailed road network is derived from the NAVTEQ road network data and is a more bespoke version of the TimeTravel model.

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