Use P² People & Places to understand existing patients and
identify people who are likely to develop similar health problems,
so you can tailor funding and services to the needs of the local population...

assess health needs

Assess variation in healthcare needs 

The North West Public Health Observatory (NWPHO) uses P² People & Places in a portfolio of analyses to enhance the ability to communicate public health intelligence to a wide range of audiences.

P² was first used in Where Wealth Means Health: Illustrating Inequality in the North West, where they used P² to identify areas that are likely to experience health problems, such as mental health and alcohol specific conditions.

Now, P² is incorporated into a Health Profiler which is regularly updated with a wide range of health indicators for generating local health profiles. Using this knowledge, they provided guidance on where to target health improvement resources and how to monitor trends in health inequalities.

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Tackle public health inequalities 

Warrington Primary Care Trust uses P² People & Places to drill down and better understand their population in order to ensure that the appropriate services and interventions are in place to reduce health inequalities.

P² has helped them with a smoking cessation equity audit, a diabetes health needs assessment and has been used to inform a social marketing campaign around obesity amongst women living in deprived areas.

» Read the full case study

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