We can help optimise your businesses sales territories by analysing
your team's drive times to create catchments that are efficient
logistically and match your marketing operations.


Let us map out effective sales territories for your businessCreate Efficient Territories

We can help take the stress out of organising your sales territory management by analysing your field team’s workload against their customer base; then using our drive time calculations. We map the most efficient territories maximising the number of customers that can be reached within the quickest time possible.

Analyse Drive Times

When planning a direct marketing campaign it is always useful to know the distance your prospective customer will need to travel to the store or event you are promoting.

So why not let the team at Beacon Dodsworth make it easy for you by mapping out the drive times from postcode sectors within a 5, 10, 15 and 20 minute intervals.

Once you know how far your potential customer will have to travel you can adapt your distribution strategy to match.


Optimising your sales territory planning or drive time mapping capability will save your team time, and your business money. 

To learn more Contact the team at Beacon Dodsworth here or call us on 01904 701020

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