NHS SBS needed an accurate way of measuring travel times
and distances for calculating employee mileage claims

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) is a unique joint venture between the Department of Health and Steria, and is the market leader in business support services for the NHS. It provides a range of innovative services with the potential to save the NHS more than £3 billion over the next 5 years. 

The Challenge:

Tasked with increasing operational efficiency, real cash releasing savings and added value services across HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement, NHS SBS needed an accurate way of measuring travel times and distances for calculating employee mileage claims. This would not only ensure high levels of efficiency and accuracy in managing claims, but would also mean Trust employees receive much more accurate mileage for journeys made. 

The Solution:

Beacon Dodsworth (BD) created a bespoke live web service version of the distance calculator – TimeTravel - which uses a smart algorithm to determine the shortest distance and travel time from multiple full postcode locations. 

Under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement, the NHS is entitled to various datasets not freely available to the private sector. Knowing this, BD used ITN (Integrated Transport Network) layer data from OS Mastermap to provide a cost-effective and incredibly accurate way of plotting the position of every road in the country. 

This data is integrated into the existing NHS SBS web data-entry solution - ePay. 

The Benefits:

Hosted on a dedicated BD server, the reliable web service is available 24/7 and is backed up in real time to ensure a continuous level of service. This is essential as NHS employees may file expenses claims via ePay at any time of the day or night. 

Tasy Warn, Head of Payroll & HR at NHS Shared Business Services said:

 “The NHS SBS ePay solution provides an innovative and accurate service for our NHS clients.  The benefits to clients are speed, accuracy and reliability of expenses management. This adds a huge amount of value to our overall Payroll service, as clients have the assurance that the web service is available 24/7 which really works well for NHS employees. The benefit to employees is a streamlined and accurate expenses service. The Beacon Dodsworth solution is tailored for our requirements, giving us flexibility and reliability – improving service quality for all our NHS clients”

For more information about TimeTravel, our distance calculator, send us a messageor give us a call on 01904 701020.

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