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June 13, 2017

Writing as an English man with the associated stiff upper lip, it’s very easy to ignore health issues and bury the proverbial head in the sand believing it won’t ever affect me…

This unfortunately is a dangerous attitude to take. With advances in medicine leading to an increase in the number of illness’s that can now be countered if found early enough, this attitude will only end up hurting ourselves and our families.

Men’s Health Week aims to promote gents to actively seek assistance with health issues and raising the general awareness of getting things checked out. This helps improve the rates of early detection and increases the likelihood of successfully treating preventable diseases.

One of the biggest barriers to this goal is getting the message across to us stubborn males! Very much like selling an outdoor advertising package to a media client or persuading a potential customer to subscribe to a paper, its all about the right message and incentives.

The Men’s Health Forum mini Manuals are a brilliant example of how targeted and tailored solutions can break down the barriers and push the message through. Using the distinctive Haynes Motor Manual format,  it instantly strikes a male chord as a great example of knowing your audience and (in the case of health) quite literally what makes them tick.

To help target the right audience with the right message at the right time there are a multitude of datasets available some of which are noted below:

Used as either standalone data or visualised within maps you can target much more effectively, gaining instant insight into patterns and trends that can lead to not only a saving on wasted activity, but also delivers a tailored message more likely to have an impact and achieve the desired effect.

So rather than being like a stubborn male, why not go and get checked out?

Targeted Solutions

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Men’s Health Week runs from the 12th to 18th June 2017

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