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August 22, 2012

As with any outdoor advertising campaign measuring the projected return on investment is key before buying campaigns and advertisers want a way to know what effect they are likely to have.

To calculate this, key industry players in the Netherlands outdoor industry (where no industry standard measurement tools existed) commissioned research from Beacon Dodsworth and SCA.

We developed a new outdoor media currency for the Netherlands with SCA. A media currency is research that is as trusted as money. This link takes you to the full story.

map of Netherlands

Turning a proposed campaign into an interactive map really helps planners and their clients understand how it works at all levels of geography. This link takes you to a national map of the Netherlands broken down in to 30 city cells with an average population of around half a million inhabitants. These are coloured according to the variables selected in the CAFAS reporting programme (in this example the % VAC*).

The maps shows that Leiden has a high level of coverage but Maastricht and Middleburg may be under-represented. More panels would need to be added to the campaign in these cells in order to achieve the same levels of coverage as in Leiden.

Taking this one step further, zooming in on Leiden shows the individual panels that make up a campaign. These are colour-coded according to the contractor who owns the panel with a tool-tip for ID information.

From here you can see each panel in Street View and assess the characteristics of each, ultimately offering you a comprehensive picture of a panel’s likely effectiveness…

*VAC (Visibility Adjusted Contact) in simple terms measures the number of people who actually look at a panel. Using this metric makes outdoor advertising more precise than other media that just use an OTS (Opportunity to See) figure.

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