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September 13, 2016

It’s understandably rare that mainstream TV quizzes ask questions about postcode areas. But that’s exactly what happened on Only Connect (popular BBC2 quiz show) last night.

The question was What is next in this sequence: [B]irmingham, [E]ast London, [G]lasgow?


Those of us steeped in postcode geography at Beacon Dodsworth immediately spotted the pattern [cough]. Well, our director John did. The rest of us took a little longer.

The sequence is of postcode areas that are a single letter listed in alphabetic order.

To be more systematic, the following query using Beacon Dodsworth’s fSyntax postcode/mapping/geometry engine gives us the answer:‘area’) (lambda t: (lambda n: n.length==1).sort;

Answer: [“B”,”E”,”G”,”L”,”M”,”N”,”S”,”W”]

So there are 8 altogether and the next is L for Liverpool.

The others are North London, Sheffield and West London.

The team on the show guessed H for Halifax1-8-million-postcodes-in-the-uk

Knowing your postcode areas might seem a bit of trivia too far but when it comes to business accurate data is important. There are stories of direct mail companies believing GL to be the code for Glasgow and misdirecting a client’s budget to the wrong end of the country. Wasted money and time plus an unhappy client.

Postcode data and mapping software has a range of uses within business; from understanding drive times and distances to geodemographic profiling.

Want to know how postcode area data and our mapping software can help your business?

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