Mapping spend on Tea in the UK

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August 14, 2017

National #AfternoonTeaWeek (GIS mapping analysis)

Drinking tea is one of the great British traditions and lots of people love a cuppa whether it’s on their lunch, as part of an afternoon get together or first thing in the morning to get the old cogs turning.

A considerable amount of money is spent on our favourite brew but we, being curious as we always are, wanted to know who was spending the most.

Whether you’re a marketer trying to organise a campaign to target products, a business looking for a new location or a service provider looking for a base, this type of analysis will improve the intelligence on which to base your strategic decisions.

The heat map analysis below was created using our Prospex GIS and data from the Living Costs and Food Survey (LCF). It shows different postcode areas and their weekly spend on tea. The darker the colour the more is spent on tea in that area.

Heat map displays spend on tea in the UK

This table contains the 10 areas that spend the most on tea.

Top 10 Tea Drinking Areas

Postcode Area (PA) Location Number of Households (HH) Spend on Tea (PA) Spend on Tea per HH
LD Llandrindod Wells, Wales 22103 14103 £0.64
ZE Zetland, Scotland 9895 6197 £0.63
SY Shrewsbury 144061 87999 £0.61
KW Kirkwall, North Scotland Isles 24203 14703 £0.61
HR Herefordshire 75098 45447 £0.61
DT Dorchester 92701 54912 £0.59
EX Exeter 234850 138488 £0.59
TA Taunton 138909 81707 £0.59
HG Harrogate 59225 34611 £0.58
SP Salisbury 94356 54827 £0.58

This table contains the areas that spend the least on tea.

Lowest 10 Tea Drinking Areas

Postcode Area (PA) Location Number of Households (HH) Spend on Tea (PA) Spend on Tea per HH
FK Falkirk 119161 60673 £0.51
KY Kirkcaldy 159585 80934 £0.51
KA Kilmarnock 166385 84258 £0.51
EH Edinburgh 387449 194697 £0.50
E Eastern (London) 369658 184685 £0.50
ML Motherwell 166571 82776 £0.50
EC Eastern Central (London) 17175 8521 £0.50
WC Western Central (London) 15594 7522 £0.48
G Glasgow 529246 251226 £0.47
BT Belfast 702132 191450 £0.27

Analysing lifestyle data such as LCF data, Census data or even using comprehensive geodemographic data such as our P2 People & Places, delivers valuable insight and important business intelligence (BI). Choosing new locations for businesses and marketing has many challenges, many of which can be overcome with accurate data and analysis.

If you’d like to improve the availability of business intelligence using mapping and analysis give us a call. We have the tools and skills to help you turn data into business intelligence – 01904 701020.

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