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September 5, 2017

According to the NHS the five biggest avoidable killers are heart disease, cancer, stroke, lung disease and liver disease.

These are classified as avoidable since they are often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle that includes excessive drinking, smoking and a lack of exercise. The prognoses of these medical conditions are affected by the distribution of services within the NHS.  That’s where Beacon Dodsworth can assist:

Using our expertise in mapping and location data, we can help organisations to target their resources so that treatment can be provided in the areas that need it the most.  Providing optimum locations for where health centres should be placed can help the NHS to streamline their service delivery and make the nation healthier. There are various datasets that we can map to highlight areas in need, including Living Costs and Food Survey data and our own demographic classification, P² People & Places.

The map below shows the average household expenditure on alcohol per week in London, using figures from the Living Costs and Food Survey:

A map showcasing alcohol expenditure in London

Alcohol Expenditure in London


By identifying areas with high levels of alcohol use, the NHS can combat liver disease more effectively, targeting those in need and saving money on resources.

Our P² People & Places geodemographic classification categorises the population Trees and Branches. The Trees and Branches are built using datasets including Living Costs and Food Survey, British Population Survey and Census data, so that high risk groups such as smokers can be identified. For example, *Tree O has the highest number of smokers of all of the Trees, therefore risk of lung cancer will be highest for this group.

The example map below shows the distribution of Tree O for all Leeds postcodes, giving health organisations postcode level data for where the risk of lung cancer is high:

Distribution of Tree O demographic throughout Leeds

P2 Map of Leeds with Tobacco Spend

As well as mapping, Beacon Dodsworth can create bespoke data models that combine useful datasets from the Department for Health, the 2011 Census, Department for Education, Department for Work and Pensions as well as various health and population indicators from the Office for National Statistics.

So get in touch today to see how Beacon Dodsworth can help you to streamline your service management and help make the UK a healthier and happier nation.

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