How Census Data Connects You With Your Customer

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February 2, 2017

It doesn’t matter what the size of a business is, we all need to gather information in order to help us make those important decisions. With the latest Census data we can find out more about our customers and better influence the overall strategy.

One example of how the census data can be used to benefit your business is measuring the penetration of your brand in specific areas:

Understanding Your Market Share

You already have your customer data, which tells you who your customer is and where they live but you don’t know how much market share you have in that area because you don’t have the full picture.

Census logoWhat you need is up to date population statistics to cross reference with your customer statistics. Having these two datasets would enable you to start work on your penetration analysis.

Sounds great right? But where do you get this data? Fortunately Beacon Dodsworth has the answer:

Its All in the Census

Using the latest Census data clients are now able to get hold of population figures for specific postcode sectors, as well as the number and size of the households in that area. This data can then be cross matched with your own client database giving you a better understanding of your penetration, allowing you to prioritise and plan your marketing efforts in target areas.

It isn’t just the data that’s useful; BD clients are able to buy Census data online, enabling you to access the datasets you need quickly and in a format that suits your requirements.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Get population data and information on age, sex, as well as head counts by adult, household and total
population, for just £95 + VAT per data table. Discounts available for multiple tables.

Why not find out how the latest Census data can help your business by clicking here.

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