GIS mapping household spend on fruit and vegetables

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May 15, 2017

It’s National Vegetarian Week (#Nationalvegetarianweek) which runs from 15th to 21st May 2017. You might think that the benefits of eating plenty of fruit and veg are widely known but unfortunately there are still some people that don’t eat their 5 a day. So, what better opportunity to highlight how GIS mapping can be used to create marketing campaigns and raise awareness of the benefits of eating more fruit and veg.

GIS mapping is the use of software to visualise, analyse and present data in a geographical context. Prospex, our fully featured desktop GIS, and MapVision our online GIS, can be used to map a range of data such as lifestyle, business, customer, location and just about any other types of data for that matter.

There are a range of datasets available that provide information about people’s lifestyle’s and behaviours. For this example, we have mapped the Living Costs and Food survey (LCF) variable ‘weekly spend on fresh fruit and vegetables’ using our Prospex GIS mapping software.

The map we have created simply illustrates the spend on fruit and veg across the UK. The areas mapped in yellow spend the most on fruit and veg and the areas mapped in red spend the least.

Hot and cold map of household spend on fruit and vegetables

This simple map starts to build a picture we can use for marketing purposes. We’d like to target people to raise awareness of the benefits of eating fruit and veg and the obvious targets for this example would be people that spend the least.

Now we have identified the areas where people spend less on fruit and veg we can use our geodemographic classification, P2 People & Places, to learn about the types of people living in those areas. P2 People & Places is a comprehensive classification that contains detailed descriptions about people’s lifestyles, behaviours and attitudes. The descriptions deliver valuable insight which we use to build profiles of the types of people we’d like to target. Information such as shopping habits, preferred supermarkets, internet use, newspaper readership, leisure activities, transport use and more enable us to identify the best means to communicate with people about products and services and therefore increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Learn more about our P2 People & Places descriptions.

GIS mapping and data analysis has helped us identify the types of people we need to target and where to find them. The P2 People & Places descriptions also highlight the best medium and methods of communicating with them.

This example provides a basic overview of how Prospex GIS mapping software can be used to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

GIS mapping delivers a range of benefits for businesses big and small. If you’d like to talk about a mapping solution for your business give us a call on 01904 701020.

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