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February 28, 2017

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As the University of East London pass their 6-month mark of using our geodemographic classification,

P2 People & Places, Professor Allan Brimicombe, Head of The Centre for Geo-Information Studies, provided us with an update about how it’s being used and their future plans.

P2 People & Places is regularly used by up to 20 students on GIS Spatial Modules. PhD and MSc students use the data as and when they need it for a wide range of projects. Plugged into a GIS programme, P2 People & Places allows for an in-depth analysis of classifications of people within given areas. This allows students to select fields of interest and map them accordingly. One example is the activeness of Neighbourhood watch groups. This is then “overlaid” with the P2 People & Places data allowing for students to see if certain tree or branch types can be associated with more, or less active areas.

P2 People & Places is also used by Professor Brimicombe and the rest of the staff at The Centre for Geo-Information Studies in their own independent research, allowing them to, like above, see if certain tree or branch types are associated with areas of study.

The University of East London have committed to a 5 year period of using P2 People & Places. In this time they are planning an expansion of academic research. They also use P2 People & Places to collaborate with communities and local services to improve the facilities available to these groups.

GP prescription data is a valuable source of information

Allan Brimicombe recently published an article about how he used GP prescription data, and P2 People & Places, to map the prescribing of medication used to treat Schizophrenia and similar psychotic illnesses in England. The article also explores how the prescribing of these medications has changed over the last 5 years.

Read the full article.

Learn more about P2 People & Places and how it’s used.

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