Franchise Area Mapping & Location Analysis Using Prospex GIS

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December 1, 2016

Example of a detailed and targeted franchise area map

Franchise planning map – Click to enlarge

This blog describes how area mapping and location analysis can be used to help businesses identify store locations such as new franchises.

Identifying and understanding new locations for stores is a complicated process. There’s a range of demographic and geographical factors that need to be considered alongside specific business requirements. Factors such as type of locations, demographics of people in the area, road access and travelling distances for both customers and franchise owners.

Using our geographical information system Prospex GIS we can perform in-depth location analysis and area mapping.

Our area mapping and location analysis service can deliver the following:

  • Practical knowledge of location and surrounding area
  • Accurate drive times around chosen location
  • Detailed address data
  • Geodemographic analysis of people living in the franchise area and information about their target audience

Franchise area mapping and location analysis

Prospex GIS enables us to create targeted maps of areas such as franchise locations. The targeted maps can contain a wide range of data so you can undersatnd your business and it’s processes in a geographical context. An example of business specific data could be maximum drive time of 15 minutes for deliveries.

Franchise area polygon with sector drive time

Sector drive times – Click to enlarge

Drive time maps using Prospex GIS

A common mistake people make when trying to calculate travel times and distances from a location is that they literally draw a circle around the location and assume everything within the circle is accessible i.e. as a crow flies.

Prospex GIS is easy to use yet provides professional GIS functionality. The drive time data within Prospex GIS is based on TimeTravel, our drive time matrix, which uses road networks to define travel times and distances. Prospex GIS drive time tool recognises factors such as road speeds, road location and different types of vehicles. These factors have a huge effect upon travel times and it’s this level of detail that enables us to produce the accuracy required to maintain the quality of product during deliveries.

Postcode & address data

Delivering meals to people’s homes requires address data. Prospex GIS includes the Office of National Statistics Postcode Directory (NSPD) which contains grid references with a 1 metre accuracy. We also provide licenses to use Royal Mail’s Postal Address File (PAF®) which we can use to enhance the NSPD grid data. This would provide extremely detailed grid referenced postcode and address data.

(PAF® Postcode data is available with different levels of detail and can be purchased at national or postcode level with a cost per user).

Target audience & geodemographic data

polygon with p2 People & Places tree colours

Polygon with demographic types – Click to enlarge

A franchise pack could include comprehensive marketing information about their target audience and demographic maps of their franchise area. We help businesses to understand their target audience by coding their postcode data with our geodemographic classification, P2 People & Places. Upon identifying the types of people that are customers we can pinpoint locations with the highest concentrations of these people types.

Geodemographic analysis can be used to identify the best locations for franchises. It also delivers the local knowledge franchise owners require to focus on their target audience, maximise sales opportunities and ensure a good return on their local marketing investment.

Polygons (Bespoke Map Areas)

Polygons are bespoke map areas and map areas are generally based on geographic tiles such as postcode sectors or districts and administrative areas. Because franchise areas are often based on an alternative idea of a geographic area such as drive times, certain parts of a postcode sector may not be accessible. The ability to produce sub-postcode sector polygons enables franchise planners to effectively create locations based on defined road junctions and therefore produce coverage maps that are extremely accurate.

Accurate franchise planning and location analysis delivers the intelligence businesses need to overcome a wide range of challenges, maximise sales and marketing opportunities, maintain a high level of quality and minimise waste within their business.

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polygon overlaid with sector

Polygon overlaid with sector – Click to enlarge

sector drive times presentation map

Drive time presentation map. Click to enlarge

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