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May 8, 2017

Exploring the consumer habits around baked goods using lifestyle data and geodemographic profiling

This month marks both Real Bread Week the British Sandwich week, both are celebrations of yeast activated baked goods and the joy they bring us.

This got us thinking, with the rise in popularity of shows like the Great British Bake Off, which promotes the many wonders of all things baked and delicious, how much does the British public fork out each year on buns and brioche and where are the hot spots for focaccia and fondant fancies?

The maps below show expenditure on bread and doughnuts in the UK:

Spend on Doughnuts map of UK

Expenditure on Doughnuts

a map showing the spend on Bread in the UK

Expenditure on Bread














Interestingly the maps show a higher expenditure on baked goods in the Midlands than anywhere else in the country, with London looking decidedly Atkins (no carbs).

Map it out..

This of course is a bit of fun but it shows us the importance of geodemographic trends.

The maps could be used to start formulating a strategy to grow your bakery business in areas with high demand or, you could focus your marketing on promoting baked products in the low expenditure areas to raise awareness and grow consumption.


If you would like to find out more on geodemographic profiling and how it can help your business, including using our flagship GIS mapping and market analysis software, Prospex or letting someone do the hard work for you with our bespoke mapping and consultancy service, contact Beacon Dodsworth today.


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